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The Gestalt Gardener: Dollar, Dollar Weeds, Ya'll!

On this week's Gestalt Gardener, Felder, wreaking of beef stew, brings in native azaleas, oregano, and a sword bean pod!

4:12 - Lisa in Strayhorn has moles in her yard.

7:50 - Debbie in Laurel needs help with her Norfolk Pine.

17:01 - 81-year-old Pat in Olive Branch is self-isolating from Coronavirus and is passing the time by having a blast in her garden!

19:50 - Debra in Mobile is building a new garden bed and asks for a good dirt recipe.

23:43 - Terry in Union has an interesting tactic to keep deer out of your plants and garden.

Today's cheesy music is at 27:35 and it's "Hey There Little Insect" by the Modern Lovers from their 1977 album Modern Lovers Live.

30:29 - Edward from Jackson would like to know how he can fertilize his oak tree.

33:32 - Felder talks about how urban trees have a shelf life and won't live forever.

34:02 - Hugh from Ocean Springs is looking for advice on how to control dollar weed and Virginia button weed.

42:34 - Felder answers an email about azaleas turning yellow.

43:07 - Tricia in Jackson is looking for a good mix for organic compost, and is it too late to trim back crepe myrtles.

44:27 - John from Jackson is trying to keep large and older crepe myrtles healthy. Felder talks about how bark scale impedes that process.

46:46 - Curtis on the Road asks about the best fertilizer for Saint Augustine grass and when is the best time to fertilize.

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Felder is tentatively set to appear at the Memphis Botanic Garden Wednesday March 18th.

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